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Square Enix has released a new batch of screenshots over for Japanese websites, detailing several of the game’s characters, summons such as Bahamut and Ixion as well as a few battle scenes from the upcoming Final Fantasy X|X=2 HD Remaster.

The game will be releasing domestically come December 26th on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita with a Western release still slotted in for some time this Winter.

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Square Enix is notorious for keeping their voice casting plans under wraps, but it looks like one in particular has slipped away from them.

An actor by the name of Jay Preston has outed his involvement in Final Fantasy XV on his own website as well as his own Linkedin page. While we’re unable to attach him to any specific character, it’s interesting to see Square Enix reach out to a rather unknown actor for their big next generation bet.

The Japanese cast has largely been known for a good two years already and includes the likes of Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Noctis), Kenta Miyake (Gladiolus), Mamoru Miyano (Ignis), Tetsuya Kakihara (Prompto) and Hiroki Touchi (Cor). Final Fantasy XV remains firmly in development with a release date some time in the future.

Via: NeoGAF.


In an effort to bolster the quality of the Final Fantasy series going forward, Square Enix has deemed it necessary to bring together some of the franchise’s top creators in what they’re calling the “Final Fantasy Committee.”

According to a report by FF-Reunion, the committee will be headed by Yoshinori Kitase, Hajime Tabata, Naoki Yoshida and Motomu Toriyama. Details remain sparse, but their meetings will take place to ensure the quality of the FF series going forward. Long time series character designer and now director of Final Fantasy XV Tetsuya Nomura, however, appears to be separate from this initiative as his priorities lie within his ongoing schedule elsewhere.

Previously, Kitase worked on titles such as Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII, X, the XIII series as well Crisis Core and FF Type-0. Hajime Tabata directed FF Type-0, Crisis Core, Before Crisis and is now co-director alongside Nomura for the upcoming FFXV. Naoki Yoshida’s talents are still quite new to the series, but he dragged FFXIV from the path of irrelevancy and turned it around in a near impossible feat. Motomu Toriyama has also been working on the series since Final Fantasy VII, although he is more well-known for his involvement in titles such as FFX, X-2 and the FFXIII trilogy.

Other Final Fantasy directors such as Akitoshi Kawazu (Final Fantasy II and XII), Takashi Tokita (FFIV), Hiroyuki Ito (Final Fantasy VI and XII) remain largely absent for reasons currently unknown.


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Vanille is back. Or awake. In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Vanille has risen to find that she now has a gift that lets her hear the voices of dead people. See, I always knew she was kind of weird. Square Enix says that she's now called the saint, and lives under the Order's protection in Luxerion.

You'll see some of Vanille's new get-up in our gallery of new screenshots, but you'll also see a glimpse of a new online feature for Lightning Returns called Outerworld Service. This lets you send messages, scores, and even send screenshots out via social media. This means that all of my followers will get an eyeful of Lightning's pretty dresses soon. Sorry!

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Halloween is a joyous time for MMO players with all of the festivities set to kick off. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is getting in on the fun with a Halloween event called All Saints' Wake. Running from October 18 through November 1, players will find lanterns, costumes, and even a traveling circus troupe in Eorzea. This troupe, the Shifty Thespians, offer a special quest, too.

The good news continues that the free World Transfer Service starts today (OP note: it started October 15th - sorry for the lateness, guys!) and runs through October 21. Move to the world of your choice to join friends. For example, I'm on Adamantoise! Come see me!

Finally, it sounds like we're not too far away from the content update that adds PvP. Square Enix recently showed off the center for PvP battles, called The Wolves' Den, in a video (above). Soon!

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This week’s Jump magazine shifts focus to the other half of the Oerba pair – Oerba Yun Fang.

Just like Vanille, she has her own new render – although she’s pretty much unchanged from her FFXIII outing – and a couple new screenshots showcasing her upcoming fight alongside Lightning as one of the game’s quest party members. The magazine also touches on a few bits of new information for the character, specifically that she awoke from her crystal slumber as part of Cocoon’s support pillar a few years ago. Initially she was with Luxerion’s Salvation Council, but now she leads a band of thieves in the dry ruin-filled Dead Dunes.

Within the thieves’ stronghold, Lightning will meet up with Fang once again. She has something to ask of Lightning, having been separated from her family – Vanille – whom she believes is being used as a tool for the gods. The player will be able to search across the desert ruins for various relics as Fang and Lightning ultimately team up following their initial confrontation.

With just over a month to go, those interested in importing the game in time for its domestic launch on November 21st will be happy to know Play-Asia has opened pre-orderes for both the Japanese PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions – with the former being region free. Also available is the Lightning Returns Play Arts Kai, and Original Soundtrack – currently penned in for this November.

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Until the PS2 generation, Final Fantasy sequels were never really a thing. Before Final Fantasy X, fans could always expect “the next FF” title to be something new and fresh with regards to characters, world and event battle systems. However, Once X-2 came around – built on the top of an existing game world and its assets – the gloves were off for Square Enix to sort of expand what was previously contained in singular titles.

With Final Fantasy XV likely the next in line to receive the sequel treatment as well, many have been left wondering if multiple Final Fantasy sub-series will be the norm going forward. Speaking with EGM, Kitase laid out his thoughts for the future – as well as a bit on the fate of Lightning’s character following Lightning Returns.

“We don’t think it’ll be the standard moving forward,” said Kiase. “Final Fantasy XIII being a trilogy was something very experimental — a new challenge that we took on. With each Final Fantasy title, we start with a brand new concept with each installment, so if the team who does Final Fantasy XV decides to incorporate some element like a sequel, that’s their decision. We’re sure that with each successive numbered title, each installment will have its own different concept on how they deliver the story.”

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The word is official this time, straight from a Japanese press release if you need any further proof than that. Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster will barely make its promised 2013 release in at least one region this year, and in several flavors to boot.

Based on the original PS2 releases, both Final Fantasy X and X-2 have been remastered for both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, including revised character models, redone textures, updated music (for the first game anyway) and and extra 30-minute audio drama that follows one year after the events of FFX-2. In addition to that, Square Enix has confirmed both Eternal Calm and Last Mission will make it into the package – hopefully for Western fans as well.

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Square Enix is reading a bundle of goods to coincide with what hopefully marks the long-awaited launch of Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster this upcoming Winter.

Making their way to fans in January, both Yuna and Tidus are seeing the Play Arts Kai treatment. Yuna will come packed with her summoner’s staff as well as an extra pair of hands and alternate face. Tidus will sport his signature sword, extra hands and face as well as a blitzball. Both figures are currently scheduled for a release on January 31, 2014 and carry a cost of ¥8,800.

Additionally, Square Enix is crafting a pair of Final Fantasy X themed clear files and three different wall scrolls featuring Yuna, Tidus and the cast of Final Fantasy X-2. A Zanarkand Abes themed face towel is also being made available – all of which have yet to receive final pricing and release dates.

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A new scan from Jump Magazine this weeks gives us a closer look at Oerba Dia Vanille and how she’ll appear in Lightning Returns.

According to the magazine, she is the “saint who awoke from the crystal” by shedding her crystal stasis several years ago. Due to reasons currently unknown, she now possesses special abilities that cause her to become of great interest to those who would obstruct Lightning’s path. Because Vanille is “a saint who can hear the voices of the dead” she is currently under the protection of the Salvation Council in Luxerion.

Jump also has a quick look at Lightning’s Spira’s Summoner and Midgar’s Flower Vendor garbs which were revealed and detailed a couple weeks ago at TGS. Lightning can obtain Yuna’s wears if one purchases Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster on PS3 or PS Vita, while Aerith’s dress is currently a VJump guide exclusive.


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