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ffsakes's Journal

Final Fantasy News
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Think of it as an ONTD-FF community
ffsakes is a community for all Final Fantasy news and updates. Theories, discussion, etc. are all welcome here! For graphics, fan art, fanfic, and other fan-made pieces, please refer to the hundreds of other communities here on LJ that support those posts. This is press only ;)
• Include your sources. None are off-limits, just tell us where you get your information from!
• Long posts need to be underneath a cut.
• Please resize photos to a maximum of 720x720 pixels if they are not included underneath a cut. Anything larger should be considered image-heavy and noted in the cut text.
• Spoilers must be underneath a cut, right after a Spoiler Alert! warning.
• Absolutely no autoplay
• Tag your posts.
• No reposts - although, follow-up posts are allowed and even encouraged!
• Please, no hotlinking! Use image hosting websites such as Tinypic.com, Imgur.com, etc.
• Feel free to add your own commentary!
• Have fun and play nice ت

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